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Why you shouldn’t use Apple Cider Vinegar for a flat mole removal

Skin defects or imperfections are difficult to deal with, because most of skin growths caused by different reasons are a great burden on mental and physical health.


The  Flat moles that  take on a big percentage of undesired growth.

The biggest majority of people with flat moles will try almost anything to get them off without scaring.

Apple cider is one of the alternative conventional options tried by people, however, what most people do not know is:

“That the after effects of apple cider vinegar are rather bad”.

The article below will explain why apple cider vinegar is a skin menacing ingredient.

What is Apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient made from apples, sugar and yeast.Apple Cider Vinegar

The process of making it is rather easy and takes a couple of months.

First, they squeeze the liquid from the apples ,Then they add it to the yeast and bacteria.

This combination is left to be fermented until the yeast is gone, then bacteria will be added until the sugar turns to alcohol by time.

Meanwhile, this alcohol is turned into apple cider vinegar by bacterial infections.

There is also the concern of the background of the Apple cider vinegar, and its manufacturing process [1].

Recent research done on the matter including analyzing the ingredients of producing the Apple cider vinegar, are a case to be questioned, because findings revealed that there is no guarantee, or official record on what is used in the making of the Apple cider vinegar, and the manufacturers do not list the exact ingredients used in the production process,

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as well as, the dosage of it. Hence, there is no guarantee for any authenticity about Apple Cider Vinegar, or about its benefits. So,

be careful while purchasing the product.

Is Apple cider vinegar good for flat moles/growths?

Apple cider vinegar is good for skin surface use ,in case of insect bites or itchiness ,however, many may argue that sometimes Apple cider vinegar can affect your skin in a negative way, as it may not be a health threat, it can lead to some skin damage.

The elements down below will show some of the most common negative reactions of Apple cider vinegar faced when healing flat moles:

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  • Acne

    Apple cider vinegar is known for its intensity for both tastes as well as acidity. So, if you already have an acne condition or acne prone skin, please do not use it.

    This will leave your skin highly irritated, because of the acid on it, and so, it will lead to more acne development.

    If you have a very sensitive skin, you need to add some water to decrease the intensity of the Apple cider vinegar before using it.

    Note: if you have already used ACV on an acne prone skin and has damaged your skin, use honey to make your skin recover.
  • Skin burns

    Sometimes when applying the Apple Cider Vinegar directly on the skin it leads to uncomfortable burning feeling.

    The antibacterial aspects, as well as the strong level of acidity, burns your skin and leads to a further skin damage.

    Therefore, if you have a sensitive skin please refrain from using it to heal your flat mole, because it will only increase your inflammation and make it worse .

    Our advice is to avoid using Apple Cider Vinegar alone, directly on your skin. It is a very strong ingredient that has high acidity level and antibacterial aspects used to kill bacteria,

    however, Applying it alone, directly on the skin will lead to a skin rash especially if the skin is sensitive.

    That is why you need to consult your doctor before using it ,or mix it with some water or honey to lower its intensity [2].

What is apple cider vinegar used for?

  • Food

    This ingredient is an essential product in every household across the world. We all use it every day in the making of homemade meals, for instance,salad dressings (vinaigrette), food additive in order to preserve foods (pickling).

    It gives a rich flavor to food, as it enhances, and triggers taste sensors in the mouth, and makes food more testy and enjoyable [3].

  • Skin conditions

    Some medical researchers say that apple cider vinegar is good for various skin conditions.

    These conditions can vary from:

    feet odor, throat ache, sunburns, teeth whitening, and clearing skin.

    These scientists argue that Apple cider vinegar has many healing properties like its acidity, the  antibacterial aspects with fungus and restoration of the PH levels of the skin to make it radiant and clear.

Why you shouldn’t use ACV a lot

Drinking a lot of apple cider vinegar is a health risk for the long run, as it can cause different negative reactions and gets you into health complications like;

stomach problems and bone deficiency, so may want to be careful of the amount you use, for safety purposes, you should consult your doctor first to avoid any future health conditions you do not want [4].


  • Do not drink strong dosage of Apple cider vinegar.
  • Do not apply it directly to sensitive skin.
  • Mix it with water before applying it on your skin.
  • Do not use it without consulting your doctor first.


ACV has a lot of benefits that makes it a valuable product to keep around. However, sometimes you need to be careful before or while using it on your skin or flat moles.

Doctors do not recommend using it to heal flat moles as it causes the skin to burn and leaves very visible unwanted scars afterward.

So be careful if you want to apply it directly on the skin or drink it. It may cause a lot of problems such as skin irritation, rash, and other uncomfortable skin breakouts. The effects of drinking it may cause more serious health risks as time elapses, such as, bone density loss and Gastroparesis.

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