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Eye bag Removal: 13 Highly Effective Solutions to get rid of them Fast

Eye bag removal is the concern of the majority of youth nowadays. everyone wants to maintain a youthful and refreshed appearance as long as they can.

Every patient is tired of having puffy eyes which makes the person look exhausted and old. eye bag removal is a solution to such problem regardless of the causes or the removal techniques.

thus if you want to know more methods on how to get rid of your eye bags follow our article.

What is an eye bag?

eye bags removal

It is a skin sagginess and puffiness under the eyes, which you can develop often during your adult life unless it is hereditary.

While we age fat starts to form under the eyes along with dead skin resulting in loose skin and a tired and aged appearance. Such condition is caused by different factors which we will explain in details down below.

How to develop eye bag?

There are several ways for you to develop eye bags.

What you need to know is that as people get older the sensitive skin under the eyes starts to contain fat. The fat under your eye gets filled with water and they start to get visibly puffy.

What you don’t know is that are the one responsible for such condition, not the natural body cycle.

For instance, if your eating habits contain a high level of sodium from salty food. Another reason is lack of sleep that is why we find it very common for insomniac people to have eye bags. This is typical results from the stressful environment, drinking a lot of coffee…etc.

Sometimes it is hereditary for some people, if you have natural saggy under eyes it might just be hereditary skin pigmentation. Besides as we age the blood vessels under the thin layer of skin gets darker and saggy.

Who suffers from eye bags?

Obviously, you are not the only one with eye bags out there do not worry. Millions of people suffer from the same thing.

Sometimes, Many of them who either have bad habits such as unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, workaholics, people who suffer from anxiety and depression, where they are always thinking and unable to sleep.

Other times, people just cannot help it as they have it naturally due to skin pigmentation or aging.

Either way, it is a very common condition because it occurs on the most sensitive and easily affected area on the face.

Eye bag Removal: 13 Highly Effective Solutions

eye bag before and after

First of all, you have to determine the reason behind your eye bags, after that, it will be easy to choose the appropriate treatment.

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We have listed the all the options below so it would be easy for you to select the suitable solution for your situation.

  1. Green tea

    green tea is the most Is the most prominent remedy for eye bags. The tannins in the green tea help to reduce puffiness and swelling. Moreover, it gives you a glowing effect. It nourishes the skin and gives you a radiant by eliminating dark circles under your eyes.

    • Take used green tea bags
    • Apply them directly to your eye gabs
    • Let the skin absorb for few minutes
    • First, remove the tea bags, then apply the essential oil
  2. Salt-water

    warm water and salt compress help to reduce your eye bags in an effective way. the method is very easy and you can do it on your rest time or at night

    • Take a plate of warm water and mix it with a teaspoon of salt.
    • Soak 2 cotton balls in the mixture.
    • Put them on your eyes until they start to the cold off.
    • Repeat the process until the puffiness under your eyes reduces.
  3. Neti Pot

    this is a method which helps get rid of your allergies. by eliminating allergies your eye bags will reduce in a noticeable way. all you need to do is take a small pot, first, pour some lukewarm water and some salt, then inhale it directly from a side nose and exhale it out the other one.

  4. Take your makeup off before bed

    leaving your makeup on through the night will cause your skin to break. the number of products you used during your makeup routine will settle and sink into your skin causing it to age and prevent your body from producing anti-aging elements. all of this will make your appearance very dull and tired looking. this is why you need to remove your makeup, cleanse our skin and apply some night cream.

  5. Cold compress

    The low temperature has an effective role in treating your eye bags. It helps to reduce the puffiness and toughen the saggy skin which gives you a vibrant refreshed appearance. All that you need to do is the following

    • Put a clean cloth in the freezer for few minutes.
    • Lay down your head and out the towel on your eyes.
    • Press it on your eyes gently for a couple of minutes.
    • Remove the cloth and apply some essential oil or eye cream on the area.
  6. Potato or cucumber

    As we mentioned before low temperature helps to reduce puffiness. Potato and cucumber have a low temperature as well as nourishing vitamins. If you use these ingredients as a remedy it will reduce your puffiness, darkness under your eyes and helps you to have a refreshed look.

    • Take a cleanly sliced cucumber or a potato.
    • Put it directly under your eyes for at least 10 minutes till 15 minutes.
    • Remove the slices and apply some essential oils or eye cream.
  7. Sleeping position

    Sleep helps energize and recycle the human body. So what you need to take into consideration is when and how to sleep.

    First of all, you need to have a good rest approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day and it is preferred to be from 11:00 pm till morning. Which means sleep early and wake up early, this will help the puffiness and the dark circles under your eyes (1).

    Second, you have to sleep on your back, do not sleep in a flat position this will mess up your blood circulation which will result in puffiness. You must sleep with your head elevated from the bed, by sleeping on a think yet soft pillow which you can buy anywhere at different stores.

  8. Healthy diet

    The focus of this solution is the food you consume on a daily basis. For instance, you must cut off salty food, consuming a lot of caffeine, drinking alcohol, and most importantly you have to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    Such simple steps will definitely help to reduce your eye bags to a great extent. Including foods which are filled with vitamin C is a really good choice as it helps the sagginess under your eyes as you get older (2).

  9. Eye cream

    There are a lot of eye creams out there. What you need to focus on is the creams containing vitamin A.

    This type of vitamin is really effective for eye bags, it helps your level of collagen, which reduces and getting rid of eye bags by time. it would help big time if you use sunblock all the time to protect your eyes from the rays.

  10. Eye Patch Therapy

    eye bag removal using eye patchEye patches are a cosmetic solution for eye bags. These patches have different types and different ingredients. You can use them at night, they help to reduce wrinkles and loose skin.

    Eye patches nourish the skin and get rid of skin pigmentation. The only thing you have to do is to buy eye patches those suites your skin type and apply it. you can also make homemade natural eye patches using honey, caffeine, green tea and essential oils.

  11. Limit drinking alcohol

    What you don’t know is that drinking alcohol does not mean you are hydrating your body.

    On the contrary, drinking alcohol actually dehydrates your body of fluids. This leads to the creation of eye bags and dark circles under your eyes, stop drinking alcohol may help to get rid of your eye bags (3)

  12. Treat Allergy

    Seasonal allergies are very common for everyone. If you happen to have any type of allergies make sure to treat it because it contributes to the creation of puffy eyes.

    For this reason, use some remedies to cure your allergies there are a lot of home remedies and oils that help with such condition (4).

  13. Stress

    Stress does not affect your skin directly.

    Here is how it works,

    when you stress you tend to think a lot which enables you to sleep for long periods. Insomnia or lack of sleep leads to a decrease in appetite. So your body won’t have enough nutrition or the right level of hydration to stay refreshed and radiant. Basically, it affects the functionality of your body (5).

Eye bag Removal with Surgery

Most people who suffer from eye bags caused by under eye fat always tend to the surgical option.

The doctor will guide you through the procedure during your consultation in order to make you feel comfortable to go under the knife.

The doctor will work on removing the fat under your eye and any dead skin found in that area. The healing process usually takes few weeks depending on each patient.

Eye bag Removal with Laser

Laser treatment will improve your appearance on the surface. The doctor will use the laser in order to tighten the skin underneath your eyes.

It will also reduce skin pigmentation and lightens your dark circles and wrinkles. The treatment usually lasts for 15 minutes to be over and some patients may notice results immediately.

When to see a doctor

Eye bags are just a normal skin condition. It can affect you as I can affect any other. It has no dangerous health risks what so ever except a beautiful radiant appearance.

However, if you start to notice any weird symptoms such as extreme swelling or redness consult your doctor immediately as it may turn out to be an allergy rather than eye bags.

How to prevent eye bags?

  • Make sure to drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated
  • Cut off smoking, because it dehydrates the skin.
  • eat food with high level of collagen in order to revive your skin
  • If you are a woman. First, make sure to remove your makeup before bed, then apply night eye cream or natural essential oil.
  • Make sure to always apply sunblock or wear sunglasses to protect your skin from sun damage.
    Make sure to gently massage your under eyes gently. It helps the blood and fluid circulation in that area.
  • Do not apply any remedy you find out there in order not to have negative effects.


Eye bags are a normal skin condition. That is why you don’t freak out a lot of people suffer from such condition at least once in their life.

The important thing is that you maintain a healthy diet, take a good care of your skin and health. The skin around and under your eyes is very sensitive and gets affected easily so be careful while treating it.

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