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Fat eyelids: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment [A Detailed Guide]

A lot of you suffer from fat eyelids which can get very annoying and uncomfortable for some. If you want to know simple procedures and how to get rid of fat eyelids all you have to do is follow the instructions provided in our article.

By the end of the article, you should have a clear idea about this condition, not to mention how to treat fat eyelids and how to prevent having them.

What are fat eyelids?

Fat eyelids are a common skin condition not for everyone but to a decent percentage of people. Fat eyelids

Typically adults who their age ranges from 30 years old, middle-aged people and elderly.

This condition generally means the creation of fat lumps on the upper part of the eyelids, containing cholesterol and fats. It can be annoying for some, but for others, it can even get painful and dangerous to their health condition.

Fat eyelids Symptoms

The symptoms of fat eyelids are rather simple and rather common among all people who suffer from such condition.

  • Heavy blinking

    The person or the patient experiences difficulty in blinking. The fat on the upper eyelid causes the blinking process to be rather uncomfortable. If you feel u uncomfortable or slightly pained, do not hesitate to contact your doctor for a professional consultation for your condition.

  • Excess skin

    The fat which creates above the eyelids leads to upper eyelid area to have access skin which can get far even to lay on your eyes. It gives the appearance of puffy eyes as if you are having an allergic reaction.

  • Droopy eyes

    Droopy eyes refer to saggy eyes. Fat eyelids make your eyes appear as tired and even exhausted. It gives people the impression that you are sick and much older than what you really are. It comes along with dark circles under the eyes area.

Causes of fat eyelids

Although there are different causes that differ from one person to another are the most occurred ones.

  • Aging

    The more people get older the more wrinkles and excess skin develop, therefore it is a very natural process since the body starts slowing down while aging for everyone. They can’t be avoided or controlled. You can only prevent and treat them with a simple procedure which will be explained down below (1).

  • Weight

    Gaining weight affects the whole body parts. If you eat foods loaded with fattening ingredients it is a certainty that majority of your body will develop fats on them. The eyelids are no exception, the fats and cholesterol will grow fats which will puffin your eyes. That is why you should take care of what you eat.

  • Smoking

    Smoking is the number one factor which causes fast aging. It contributes to the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Smoking is proven to harm the blood circulation and supply which helps to maintain a healthy skin (2).

  • Cholesterol

    People with a high level of lipids in their bloodstream will develop fat eyelids at some point in their lives. If you have this condition hereditary you do not have many solutions to get rid of the fat on your eyelids. Whereas if it is caused by your lifestyle there are some ways you can use to reduce the fat on your eyelids (3).

  • Alcoholism

    Alcohol dries the skin which causes aging. It also contributes to the development of baggy eyes. It can also cause your eyes to swollen which gives you the appearance of a sick and tired person (4).

  • Kidney disease

    In case you did not know, kidney disease helps in a major way to increase lipids in the blood. This process helps in the development of cholesterol in the body which leads to the appearance of fat eyelids.

  • Genetic factor

    The genetic factor here refers to the conditions you have no control over. Generally, it is caused by high-level lipids in the bloodstream as well as lack of certain enzymes. In this case, you are obliged to consult your doctor for a medical checkup and appropriate treatment.

When to remove eyelids fat?

Fat eyelids before and after

Fat eyelids are often harmless for the majority of patients suffering from such condition. Typically natural remedies, change in lifestyle can help you in the process of treatment. However, if your fat eyelids are not caused by such reasons you have to check your doctor especially if it is caused hereditary since it can lead to other diseases.

Contact your doctor and make sure you do not have something serious causing your fat eyelid, or if your fat eyelid can cause any danger to your health.

Eyelid fat removal – Treatment

Below is a list of treatments that you can try in order to get rid of your fat eyelids. Read them carefully and choose the appropriate one for you.

How To Get Rid Of Eyelid fat Naturally With Home Remedies​

Natural remedies can reduce the great extent of the majority of skin conditions. Fat eyelids are no exception, the following remedies the most common ones used to relieve such condition.

  • Work out

    Exercising has many health benefits including burning fats and reducing cholesterol levels in the body. This will lead to the reduction and disappearance of the fat on your eyelids. So if you consume unhealthy foods you might want to include regular exercising in your weekly routine (6).

  • Diet

    If you do not develop fats in your system in the first place, incorporate a healthy diet. Eat low-fat foods, less oily make sure to stay hydrated and consume foods which help your blood circulation and not the ones which increase your cholesterol levels.

  • Watch your drinking

    Your body will only function appropriately if you take a good care of it. Consuming alcohol leads to unwanted outcomes such as eye swelling and puffiness. It also breaks your skin and creates soggy looking eyes.

  • Cold compress

    This is a solution to decrease the puffiness on your eyelids as well as get rid of any skin irritation. All you need to do is place a cold compress on your eyes at night for at least 20 minutes. This will help relieve your irritation and lower the level of swelling.

  • Sleeping position

    Sleeping on a rather thick pillow will help boost your blood circulation, consequently prevent the appearance of puffiness above your eyes, saggy eyes and dark circles as well. There are different types of pillows that suit your needs in stores everywhere. They are not expensive and available everywhere.

  • Cut off smocking

    It would be great if you can stop smoking once and for all. This habit affects your body in a quick way and in the long term. It dries your skin and hinders blood circulation causing dark circles and soggy eyes.

  • Drink water

    Staying hydrated is very important to every single human being. Eye puffiness is generally related to dry skin. This is why you have to always remember to carry a small bottle of water with you especially during summer. This will help your blood circulation and prevents wrinkles and swelling around the eyes (8).

Eyelid fat removal surgery

These are the most used procedures performed by doctors.Fat eyelids removal with surgery before after

  • blepharoplasty incision

    This procedure is carried out with extreme care. Before the patient goes under the knife multiple steps need to be taken. The purpose of such procedure is to extract excess skin tissue and fats in order to get rid of the fat eyelid.

    1. First, your doctor will make a full examination and medical tests
    2. Your doctor will explain why do you need such procedure and the possible results and health risks it can cause
    3. Next, your doctor will perform local anesthesia
    4. After that, an incision on the level of the crease is made along with pushing aside any muscles that prevent the access to fat.
    5. The fat is removed from particular areas, and the wound is closed up.

    The healing process is kind of uncomfortable since you cannot overuse your eyes for things such as reading, driving…. The bandage is typically removed after a week. Some patients sometimes suffer from swelling, pain, and irritation.

  • Laser treatment

    Your doctor will conduct the procedure using a medical laser. Where he will remove fats, contour your eyelid and lift them to give you a healthy younger looking appearance. Due to that fact, the majority of patients seek such treatment since it takes less recovery period and causes less scarring.

  • Chemical treatment

    Patients seek chemical peels since it has good results. The procedure helps reduce puffiness, decrease the number of wrinkles, and eliminates saggy eyes. However, before such procedure, the patient must apply certain products in order to prepare the skin for the peel and prevent any post irritation incident.

Fat eyelids Preventions

  • Stay hydrated
  • Decrease the consumption of junk food
  • Massage your eyes at night for a couple of minutes
  • Drink alcohol moderately
  • Cut off smoking


Take care of your body is the best way to prevent fat eyelids. In other words, you can control body fats to a certain extent but if you neglect your body, you will only worsen your condition, furthermore more you need to obtain a healthy lifestyle and involve healthy habits such as exercising and drinking water.

Stay away from factors which makes you develop body fats. On another note, if your fat eyelids are not caused by bad lifestyle habits, make sure to visit your doctor for a professional checkup because it may cause other dangerous health problems and Diseases.

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