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How to Remove a Flat Mole on face or body – Removal and Treatment

Most of the time you think that your flat mole removal experience will be scary and painful, Especially when considering flat mole removal on your face or other sensitive parts of your skin.

You may be wondering:

“Is possible to remove a flat mole on the face or other parts of the body, exactly? “

YES, It is rather simple you only need to get familiar with the process of how to remove flat moles?

Flat moles are the most commonly shared skin sensitivity among people who range in age from 10 years old until 40 years old (1).

What are Flat Moles and what causes them?

Flat moles on faceFlat moles also are known as melanocytic; they are colored, grow on the skin typically brown to semi-black (2).

They are usually small and completely harmless, however, sometimes they can lead to skin cancer.

These type of moles develop due to several causes here are the most common ones:

  • Sunlight

    The light from the sun or what it is called ultraviolet can be an element factor in developing flat moles.
    The sunburns caused by staying for long periods under the sun that will affect the cells and lead to the creation of moles.

    These moles can even develop into a melanoma which is a type of skin cancer, that’s why you need to protect your often exposed parts to the sun such as arms, face, neck, and buttocks.

    By the way,

    Apply sunscreen every time you leave your house.

  • Hormones 

    The human body works differently from an individual to another. Some people have to deal with hormonal changes at some periods of their lives such as puberty, pregnancy periods for women and sometimes even diseases such as diabetes.

    All of these factors can be a cause of your flat mole, all you need to do is try to balance your hormones according to the suitable way your doctor advise you.

    Your doctor will make sure to inform you if your mole is harmless or cancerous, but most of the times they are harmless (3).

  • Genetics

    This factor depends on how good your genes are. Your race also has significance since moles tend to develop more on people with fair skin.


    If you have the mole since childhood it is harmless.

    However, if it starts developing in your twenties, you need to check your doctor because it can lead to melanoma (4).

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When should I see a doctor?

Some people are not always aware that there are different types of moles and Flat Moles are harmless while there is not one of the following signs appear on your body:

  • Skin irritation (itchiness)
  • Change in color ( more than one color)
  • Size enlargement
  • Pain
  • Growing out of the skin ( no more flat)
  • bleeding [ Learn how to deal with bleeding moles ]

If so, I recommend you to see a doctor soon and let us know what he told you in the comment below.

Can flat moles be removed?

flat mole on the face - before and after
flat mole on the face – before and after

Flat moles as any other body defect can be removed.

If you have a flat mole on the face or any part of your body you can remove it easily using home remedies, creams, or surgeries.

You should choose the proper way to remove them based on their size, type, and location on your body.

If the size, color, and borders are changing by the time, you may consider the possibility of developing melanoma. It is a type of skin cancer that usually develops from new colored spots on the skin, and your flat mole is maybe one of them [5].

If you are not familiar with them and feel a bit worried about their nature, you should contact your doctor for a consultation to find out what’s the type of your mole,

If it’s a normal mole so you can use creams or home remedies to remove it but if it’s dangerous moles (skin cancer) so you need to see a specialist.

Do not attempt to remove the mole by yourself by cutting it, it is very harmful to your skin and can lead to skin cancer if the tool you used is contaminated or the cut is exposed to any infection. To avoid such case, all you need to do is follow the solutions we will provide below, and it will help you to remove your flat moles in a safe, healthy way.

How to remove a flat mole on face or body?

As it appears to be a difficult task, removing flat moles is a very easy procedure. You can use several methods to get rid of them. Such as home remedies, creams, laser ablation or even the surgical process.

It depends on how visible your moles are as well as your level of self-consciousness is, getting rid of moles using home remedies or creams can leave scars.

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Warning: You must see a doctor if you have diabetes and have a mole on your feet.

Option 1 – Removing a Flat Mole Naturally At Home ( Home Remedies )

Home remedies are the best for you if you want your flat moles to be less visible, the following natural ingredients are of a tremendous right help for you

If you have a sensitive skin you should avoid using any home remedies that irritates your skin and jump to the option 2 of removing flat moles.

  • Honey

    Honey highly contains both vitamins and enzymes that are good for eliminating scars as well as nourishing and reviving the skin. The antibacterial aspects work on eradicating
    the dark pigmentation, whereas the vitamins work on refreshing the skin and prevent scarring.

    1. Clean the area of the mole carefully to get rid of impurities that might hinder the healing process.
    2. Take a teaspoon of honey.
    3. Rub some honey directly on the mole using your finger or using a cotton swab.
    4. Cover the area with a bandage to guarantee the effectiveness of the remedy.
    5. Follow the same instructions twice a day for few weeks until the colored mole fade apart and eventually fall off.
  • Cashew Nuts

    Helps to eradicate many types of rot. So what you have to do is to eat it directly. If you do not like the taste of it, you may use it as a paste.

    1. Crush some cashew nuts put them in a bowl and leave them in water overnight to soften up.
    2.  Apply it on the mole areas twice to three times a day for two months.
    3.  You may use some moisturizing cream after if your bare skin gets irritated

    Note: Stop the treatment if you have Cashew nuts allergy do not eat it or use it as a paste

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is known for its healing abilities that result from the acidic properties it possesses which works on lighting up the dark area first then removing the mole entirely.

    1. Take an aloe Vera leaf and peel the gel out of it using a spoon or a knife.
    2. After cleaning the area, apply the gel and let it soak into your skin.
    3. Cover the area with a bandage or cotton.
    4. Repeat the process three times a day for a month to get good results.
  • Iodine

    Iodine is also a type of remedy that helps kill bacteria resulting from skin wounds and cuts. Thus using it on a flat mole,

    Especially elevated ones help to eliminate pigments until the mole flattens more and starts to fall off. It works better for elevated one since small common moles do not respond to it as much.

    1. Choose the right type of Iodine and dosage for your skin.
    2. Clean your affected area.
    3. Apply about a drop of iodine on the mole and rub it gently.
    4. Use some moisturizing cream if you feel any irritation from the product.
    5. Repeat the process once a day until you start noticing a lighter colored mole. It usually takes about six months to show clear results.
  • Garlic

    Garlic contains enzymes that help to break down the structure of the cell clusters and lighten the dark pigmentation of the flat mole causing it to fade apart within a few weeks.

    1. Take a clove of garlic, and mash it into a paste using a knife or a food processor.
    2. If your skin is sensitive, you can gently apply some oil or petroleum jelly on your flat mole to prevent the garlic from burning it.
    3. Apply the paste and rub it on the area of the flat mole.
    4. Preferably, cover it with a bandage and leave it for four hours, repeat the process three times a day. This should make your mole disappear within 4 to 5 days.

    Garlic may cause skin irritation such as stinginess so you may want to apply it gently. If your skin reacts negatively to the Garlic acid, you need to stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.

  • Pineapple

    This fruit is a natural antibacterial remedy that helps kill the dark pigments. It can be eaten directly or used on your face.

    1. Cleanse your face or the part where the mole is located.
    2. Apply a fresh small slice on your mole.
    3. Let it sinks into your skin for ten minutes.
    4. Use it twice a day until your mole starts to disappear and fall off after a few weeks period.
    If you have sensitive skin or feel any burning when you apply pineapple, it means you may be experiencing skin irritation caused by the acid in the pineapple.
  • Banana peels

    Banana peel contains dioxide components. that may be used to remove moles by drying them out and fall off by time.

    1. Wash your mole area to get rid of any imperfections.
    2. Take a fresh banana peel
    3. Put it on your mole and let it soak into your skin at least 10 minutes and let it soak into your skin.
    4. Repeat the process regularly twice a day for at least a month until the mole fades away and start to fall off.


  • Don’t use lemon juice since it has sharp astringent property and it might give you an
    unpleasant inflammation or swelling.
  • Avoid digital manipulation and don’t try to take it off, the lesion left after the removal can
    be infected, or in worse cases turned into cancer.
  • If you have diabetes so avoid using home remedies to get rid of flat moles, by the way, you can contact your doctor to get the suitable treatment.

Option 2 – Flat mole removal cream

Another option is the use of creams.

flat mole removal cream on the face
flat mole removal cream on the face

Creams are not all chemicals there are some creams which contain natural ingredients which are intended to prevent any skin irritation that might occur.

Using peeling creams helps to get rid of the mole gradually until it is removed for good.

Another type of creams that might help your mole to fade away is whitening creams. In which you use to light dark moles until they are invisible.

There are also some oils that can help you to get rid of flat moles, and we’ll try to make a list of them soon so try to check the website regularly.

Make sure to consult your doctor first before trying out any of the mentioned creams. You also need to be aware of your skin sensitivities, or if you have any allergies from its components either chemical or natural ones, you must be conscious in order not to damage your skin even more.

Option 3 – Excision

If you opt for this option, the doctor will perform a straightforward procedure that involves the following process.

flat mole removal surgery on the face
flat mole removal surgery on the face

The doctor needs to apply local anesthesia to the wanted area.

Then he will take a sharp medical tool like a cutter and shave the mole than stitching it afterward.

This will leave an unavoidable minimal scar on your skin, but with proper care and following the doctor instruction it will go away with time.

Whereas if you choose the option of Excision with cauterization, the doctor will use an alternative method using a type of an electronic medical tool to burn off the are instead of cutting it.

The aftercare of the scar is your responsibility, so you have to follow the doctor instructions for proper healing.

Option 4 – Laser Treatment to Remove Flat Moles

Some people choose the surgical option to remove the moles in a faster and more Laser Treatment to Remove Flat Moleseffective way. Especially the ones placed in the face area or any body part that is most exposed.

Thus, dermatologists, as well as Plastic sergeants, highly recommend Laser treatments as the most frequent procedures.

They tend to treat these growths by burning them. After that, they try to close them to prevent any skin infection.

The wound must be carefully covered throughout treatment and afterward from the external environment.

The only disadvantage of such treatments is possible scarring afterward.

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This video shows you one of the methods used by dermatologist to remove a flat mole from the body. However, the removal procedure used to get rid of the mole depends on the size and shape of the mole.

The second video shows the procedure for removing the mole using the laser.

It’s very effective. It has been gaining huge popularity among dermatologists in the last recent years. That’s why the majority of dermatologists nowadays use it more often on their patients.

We shared a detailed guide to show you How to get rid of scars after undergoing mole removal surgery and want to get rid of the aftermath scar.

How to stop moles from growing?

  • Staying healthy is the primary factor to prevent the development of moles.
  • Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated helps too.
  • Maintain a high level of potassium in your system by eating foods such as bananas and potatoes regularly.
  • Checking your daily hygiene should help you prevent growing, for example by cleaning with soap and water the areas that produce sweat.
  • Avoid going under the sun without sunblock cautious steps [6] like these can help prevent the growth and the spread of your flat moles.
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Flat Moles should not be a source of concern as they grow on your body since birth they take the time to appear visibly.

As long as the mole has one color, small, and does not cause any irritation on the skin, it should not be harmful.

Nonetheless, you if you have any concerns about their nature, it is advised that you contact your doctor or dermatologist right away for a professional checkup.

“Most of us do not have direct communication from our deity of choice, yet we take the leap and trust that our God is true and real. The same goes for our self-acceptance. I first must think and do before I know,” Sumber said.


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