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How to get rid of razor bumps anywhere on the body fast

Shaving sometimes can be highly annoying due to the dry and sensitive skin. Most questions many people have is “Are the bumps caused by shaving dangerous and can develop into a serious infection?” committing a small mistake while shaving may cause you razor bumps.

Being careless during shaving, especially when you’re dealing with places hard to reach. These bumps can be caused on not only the face area, it could be the neck, legs, and even pubic area, as long as you have hair and you need to shave it, you’re always at risk of developing razor bumps.

What are razor bumps?

Man gets razor bumps on his face
Man gets razor bumps on his face

Razor bumps or Pseudofolliculitis barbae are a type of skin irritation which develops because of hair removal techniques (1).

These bumps also cause raised areas on the shaved area scarring and pimples.

The irritation tends to itch and gets colored. It usually occurs in the face area but on other parts of the body where there is shaving, waxed or tweezed hair.

People with curly hair are the ones who are more likely to have razor bumps at some point of their lives.

Razor bumps on the body (Where can we find them)

Woman Shave Their Legs
Woman Shave Their Legs

Since razor bumps are mainly caused by shaving it means that the body parts that are likely to develop these bumps are the ones which contain hair. Areas with hair that needs regular removal are very exposed to this type of inflammation. Razor bumps are not necessarily bound to men as they shave more often. Women suffer from razor bumps as well as they shave as well mainly more areas than men do. That is why both genders can have these bumps on different areas of the body such as face, neck, arms, legs: women shave their arms and legs as it is a femininity obligation( if you are a woman you will know what I mean), underarms, chest, stomach, back, and the public area (2).

Do not shave frequently especially if you already have a razor bump to avoid inflammation.

What does a razor bump look like:

Razor bumps is a visible raised growth on the skin. it occurs usually due to bad shaving or an allergy or irritation caused by skin to skin interaction. razor bumps are often closed from the time they appear until they go away. usually, they are in a size of a large peanut under the skin. they go away on their own after a while.

What causes razor bumps?

Sensitive skin is among the various factors which cause razor bumps. If you have a sensitive skin you may suffer from razor bumps more often. In this case, you have to be careful while removing unwanted hair. Hair can sometimes be twisted while removing it, and instead of it being removed, it enters under the skin, which causes a painful red colored inflammation that leads to a razor bump. Your razor can be the reason as well, for example using an already used razor or shaving opposite of the appropriate shaving direction can cause razor bumps as well (3).

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How long do Razor bumps last?

There is no time limitation for razor bump healing. The deciding factor here is the type of your skin in addition to how serious your razor bump is. Typically this type of skin irritation is healed fast if you take a proper care of it. Never the less your razor bump will likely last for long if your shave more often and do not provide it with time to heal. So what you need to do is avoid the irritated area until it heals (4).

Choose the right hair removal tool, the one that does not irritate your skin. If you use razors you might want to consider waxing or tweezing as a substitute.

Types of Razor bumps

Razor bumps are divided into two types. The first one is the transfollicular type is mainly due to the reentrance of the hair into the follicle that it never left at the first place. While the second type is the extrafollicular one which means that the hair does exit the follicle but goes back into the skin due to various reasons such as curly hair or due to your shaving technique such as shaving in the wrong direction.

Razor bump removal and Treatment

Removing razor bumps is actually a very easy process depending on the skin type and the severity of the bumps. So if you are trying to remove or heal your razor bump you have to follow the procedures mentioned down below carefully and your razor bump will be entirely removed.

Exfoliating is a must use if you want a smooth hair removal process that does not end up with a painful razor bump as it helps get rid of the unnecessary dead skin.

Home remedies to treat razor bumps

Most people consider the natural ingredients are the most convenient option to remove razor bumps. So if you are considering using homemade remedies in order not to damage your skin the solutions below are the best for you.

  • Aloe Vera

    the Aloe Vera is a skin relief of various skin irritations including razor bumps. The hydrating gel and refreshing element in the Aloe Vera help to calm down your irritation, it heals safely and protects your skin from any external inflammation (5).

    1. Use aloe vera gel or directly squeeze it from the plant.
    2. Apply the gel on the razor bump using your finger or cotton.
    3. Leave the gel on your skin until it dries in order to make sure that the skin absorbed the whole essence of the gel.
    4. Repeat the process twice a day for a week until you notice the results.
  • Coconut oil

    another soothing ingredient that helps smooth out your skin as well as prevent your razor bump to further develop. It also helps moisturize the area leading to a smooth healing process.

    1. Apply organic coconut oil on the inflammation area gently.
    2. Leave it until your skin absorbs it entirely.
    3. Repeat the process twice a day until your razor bump is healed.
  • Cold/Warm compress

    If your skin is easily irritated you must prepare it before shaving and relief it after as well. In order to have a smooth shaving, you must first apply a warm compress on the wanted area in order to loosen up your skin and opens your pores and an easy razor movement. You also need to apply a cold compress once you are done shaving in order to relief the area from any irritation.

  • Oatmeal and honey

    The mixture helps you exfoliate the skin and moisturize it at the same time. The oatmeal works on exfoliating your skin which helps prevent further inflammation of the razor bump. The honey, on the other hand, works on smoothing the roughness of the oatmeal in order to make it easier to apply. It also contributes in moisturizing and nourishing the harshness of the shaving.

    1. Mix grounded oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of honey into a small bowl until it and can be applied easily.
    2. Put some of the liquid on the razor bump area for at least 30 minutes.
    3. Repeat the process at least once a day until your razor bump starts to look better.
  • Tea bags

    most of the razor bumps just need soothing elements in order to prevent further irritation and better healing process. Tea bags are another remedy that contains acids which help your razor bump redness and inflammation.

    1. Take a black tea bag.
    2. Dip it in slightly warm water in order to smooth it.
    3. Put it on your razor bump area by rubbing over the wanted area it gently and slowly for at least 2 minutes.
    4. Repeat the process daily until you notice results.
  • Baking soda

    This ingredient has the ability to prevent redness, inflammation and help smooth your skin. it also has sodium bicarbonate that helps any skin irritation that your razor bump may cause such as itchiness or stinging.

    1. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a teacup of water.
    2. Take a piece of cotton or any smooth and clean bandage to use.
    3. Apply the paste on your razor bump directly in a gentle way.
    4. Leave the paste on the bump for at least 5 minutes.
    5. Rinse it off with water and repeat it for at least 4 times a day until it disappears.
  • Honey

    Honey has antibacterial elements which can help the skin get rid of any inflammation such as itchiness and redness. its ability to prevent swelling and keep the skin moisturized also help your skin from any further damage.

    There are no guidelines on how to use honey. all that you need to do is to take a little bit of honey with your finger if you want. apply it directly on the bump and let it dry without covering it. let the air dry it off and rinse it off with water later. you can repeat it as much as you want throughout the day until your bump is healed.

    While shaving, make sure you’re shaving in the same direction of the hair growth to prevent hair curling back into your skin, using warm water prior shaving in order to prepare your skin for shaving, and cold water afterward in order to close your pores and If your razor bump starts bleeding or oozing you must consult your doctor.

Razor Bump Cream

If you do not believe in the homemade remedies effectiveness in healing your razor bump you have creams as a substitute. If you are considering using a cream to heal your razor bump choose the ones which hydrate and protect the skin. that way you will prevent post-shaving irritation and inflammation. You need to choose creams which best suits your skin. If you have sensitive skin do not apply creams of high density in order not to damage your skin. You have to pick creams that you have no allergy to its elements.

It is highly recommended to create a suitable skin care routine to protect your skin from breaking out by using moisturizing creams in order to prevent your skin from damaging.

Chemical Medications for razor bumps

Most chemical medications you need to treat your razor bump are those which contain antibiotics, anti-inflammation benefits. The medications need to be prescribed by your personal doctor as they might cause side effects. If you prefer the medications you must first consult your doctor in order to specify the suitable medication for your skin. As you know even clinical medications may have elements that you might be allergic to. So if you have any allergies you must tell your doctor first in order to avoid any skin damage.

Some doctors may advise you not to bother with medications. Because razor bumps are preferred to be treated directly. it means on the surface of your skin so they can soak in the treatment well. but your dermatologist may give you some medications in order to regulate your hormones or some fluid production that is all.

A certain amount of people choose to use steroids in order to cure their razor bumps this solution may relief your bump but can not heal it. It can only help swelling, itchiness or some irritation. unfortunately, up to this day, no actual cure for razor bump is found the only suggestion is to grow a beard and let the hair faucilles heal naturally. But this is not an option for some categories of people such as women and soldiers… they need to maintain a clean appearance.

How to get rid of razor bump scars

you cannot avoid scarring after suffering a skin damage or inflammation. As any other type of scars, the razor bump one does not require any different treatment of moles, acne or pimple scars. All that you need to do is use is some remedies that decrease the level of your skin irritation, dryness, itchiness, and redness. Some of the ingredients such as Aloe Vera, lemon, coconut oil, castor oil and baking soda can help soothe your skin and improves the infected skin tissues that contribute in worsening your bump. Ingredients which contain elements such as antifungal, antibiotics and hydrating elements can help you heal your scars in an effective way as well as improve your skin quality in the long run. we shared an article to help you avoid razor bumps each time you shave so don’t hesitate to check it for a further reading.

Razor bumps should not be a source of concern. It is a very common skin irritation which can happen to a very large percentage of people around the world. Maintain a clean skin that you take a good care of should minimize your risk of having a razor bump. If you neglect your skin it will break out. Thus, shaving will be a hard task which will increase sensitivity around shaved areas.

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