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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Rid of Scabs on Face Fast

The face is a sensitive area. It is also the most exposed area to external injury. So by the title of this article, you already know that we are going to discuss scabs on the face, causes, symptoms and how to get rid of them safely.

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What are scabs on face?

In a simple was scabs on the face are just a phase in the natural healing process of a certain wound on your face. It is crusting or another layer that forms on the injured layer of your injury.

This layer forms to protect the skin from bacteria and repair the damaged skin cells. It eventually falls off on its own after the blood cells and damaged skin is healed.

Scabs on face Symptoms

All scabs on the face conditions have almost the same symptoms. Down below is a list of the most common symptoms that you need to know.

  • Pain

    Pain is a usual symptom of an injury. The pain is associated with the tissue. If the pain continues for a long period and does not show any signs of relief, this means your wound under the scab is not healing.

    Due to various reason, such s lifestyle, scratching, infection… you might want to visit a doctor to get it checked out.

  • Itchiness

    Every wound going through the process of healing it will start to itch frequently. Itching is a sign of healing so again do not worry about it.

    However, you need to be careful of itching since it can cause scratches and cuts. On top of all that you are at risk of developing an infection.

    In short, you have to resist the urge of the itching sensation to heal faster.

  • Pus

    What you need to know is that pus is a sign that indicates to the bacterial infection. But in the case of scabs, it is very normal on the face or any other part of the body that has scabs on it.

    The pus that forms under the scab means that your wound or injury is healing appropriately. It contains the dead white cells that your immune system is pushing out.

  • Burning

    Burning sensation is mainly due to inflammation. This feeling can get very annoying and uncomfortable for some people.

    Just make sure to protect and cover your skin in order not to expose it to dust which can worsen the burning feeling.

  • Peeling off

    Your scab will start to harden towards the final stages of the healing process. It will begin to get crusty and sometimes dark, but it will fall off on its own once the injury is completely healed.

    Do not try to pick your scan and peel it by force. This will lead to a longer healing process with a noticeable scar on your face (1).

Scabs on face causes

There are various causes of scabs on the face. It depends on the person, lifestyle or even skin types. Read the list of reasons we provided and see what caused your scabs.

  • Cuts

    You can develop a wound because of cuts on your face due to various reasons such as falling, scratching, long nails fight …ect.

    This is why you need to be careful with your face area because sometimes even if your cut is healed, it may still visible scars which are hard to get rid of it.

  • Acne

    Acne prone skin is very prominent to scabs. This means that for certain acne to heal it sometimes forms scabs. This depends on the skin type of each patient.

    You should not peel off or pull the acne scabs of your acne scar, leave them to fall out naturally. This will prevent further scarring as well as prolonged healing process (2).

  • Burns

    Burning incidents cause scabs especially on a sensitive area as the face. The burning degree differs from an incident to another such as candle burn, acid burn or even car accident. However, the helping process is the same with a slight difference in time (3).

    Again to do not attempt to peel off your scabs let the skin heal properly by itself.

  • Scratches

    Scratching is the common reason for cuts. it is caused by long nails or sharp objects such as things, bracelets, keys or even big earrings. Avoid scratching your face area or peeling off your scabs in order not to cause further damage.

  • Eczema

    Eczema causes dry patches on the body. These patches dry and start to crust after a couple of weeks.

    They got thin and discolored due to the sensitivity of the skin. Make sure to visit your doctor for a medical check-up on how to deal with your scabs in such case(4).

  • Psoriasis Lesions

    It is a chronic autoimmune skin condition caused by the overproduction of skin cells. Also, it causes itching, patching and scabbing. Again in such case visit your doctor, do not irritate your skin by scratching it.

  • Dry skin

    Dry is contributing to the development of scabs due to the dry patches and flaking on the face or any other part of the body. Try to stay hydrated and moisturize your skin regularly to minimize scabs.

How to hide scabs on face?

how to get rid of scabs on face

Sometimes the healing process of scabs takes a long time. What you need to hide them is very simple until they go away or heal.

If you are a woman, you can use concealers or foundation. However, if you are a male, you can cover them up with a medical patch. You need to apply sunblock to protect your skin.

Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid of scabs on face fast

Home remedies are the type of treatments you can do at home using kitchen ingredients that are available at any time.

  • Baking soda

    Baking soda helps your scabs in a gentle, effective way as it helps to soften and remove scabs. What you need to do is the following:

    • First take two teaspoons of baking soda, then mix them with some water
    • Apply t as directly on your scabs
    • Leave it on the scabs for few minutes, then rinse it off
  • Tea tree oil

    Tea tree oil is a very beneficial ingredient to treat scabs. It contains soothing and nourishing aspects to help heal your scabs.

    • Take a cotton pad and dip it in tea tree oil.
    • Apply it directly to the scab area and leave it until it dries completely.

    Note: Use this every morning for 10 minutes.

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera helps to soothe your scabs. It also cools your skin and manages to push out toxins out of your body.

    • Take a natural aloe Vera plant and squeeze the gel out of it.
    • Apply it on your scabs before you sleep and let it dry.
    • Rinse it off with water in the morning or take a shower.
  • Warm compress

    It is a straightforward remedy that prevents dryness of your skin, which can worsen your scabs.
    Such a method which releases warmth from the compress helps moisturize your scabs and increases your blood supply. All you need to do is put a clean, warm cloth on you scabs regularly until it heals.

  • Honey

    The vitamins and nourishing aspects of the skin help the healing and the soothing process of your face scabs. Everyone who uses honey experiences a fast healing process and prevents any inflammation, as well as eliminates scarring.

    • Take a drop of honey.
    • Apply it directly on the scabs.
    • Leave it for few minutes and rinse it off.
    • Make sure to use some moisturizer afterward.
  • Icing

    This method is usually done to cool off inflammation and speeding up the healing process. What you need to do is the following

    • Take a small ice cube.
    • Rub it gently for few seconds on your scabs.
    • Let the area dry and pat it with a dry towel gently.
    • Do this daily until your injury healed.

How to get rid of Scabs on face – Treatment

Since this is a straightforward skin condition, there are various safe methods and treatments you can do to treat your scabs. We provided down below a few of them.

  • Vitamin E

    You can use vitamin E in various ways depending on the severity of your scabs. First, you can eat foods rich with vitamin E to boost your collagen levels. Second, you can use vitamin E creams which helps heal the skin and moisturize it.

    Last but not least there are pills you can take if you do not have the other options. Vitamin E helps the healing process of your skin correctly and permanently if you use it twice a day regularly.

  • Acne Cream

    This process is straightforward. All that you need to do is cleanse your face thoroughly every day. After you cleanse tap dry your face and apply acne cream on the wanted areas twice a day.

    If you want better results, use the creams which have healing acids to deepen the treatment. Do not forget always to keep your hands very clean to avoid the spread of bacteria.

  • vaseline on scabs

    Vaseline helps protect your skin by building a top layer covering your scabs, and this layer helps cover your wound from any external bacteria. It also helps to maintain the moisture level of your skin. This will help your skin to stop being patchy, itchy or even from being ashy. Make sure to apply it after your skincare routine every day.

  • Creams/ ointments

    There are various ointments and creams which help your scabs. Some of them heal the scabs, but the other helps soothe the annoying symptoms caused by them. For example moisturizers, sun blocs, tropical creams…etc

    In short use creams which are soft and gentle on your skin, do not risk or use anything that might cause your skin to damage or inflame your skin.

How long do scars on face take to heal?

The healing process depends on a lot of factors such as age, severity, environment, diet, lifestyle, skincare routine… etc.

Usually, it takes from two to three weeks since the wound forms inflame, and then starts to heal. Your wound will be healed in a month, if not contact your doctor for medical assistance.

When to see a doctor?

Scabs are usually harmless because they are a regular part of the healing process. However, if you start to notice a delay in healing, the spread of dry patches, thick yellowish pus or constant pain from the wound or discoloration you need to visit the doctor to get professional help.

Scabs on face preventions

  • Make sure to apply sunblock before you go out.
  • Avoid scratching your scabs or picking them, in order not to cause bleeding.
  • Always keep your face clean as well as your hands if you tend to touch your face a lot.
  • If your injury is significant so cover it up because the bandage helps you to prevent bacterial infection.


Anyone has suffered or going suffer from face scabs at some point in their lives. It is very common since we are objected to injuries in our lifespan.

You need to take extra care of your skin during the healing process to prevent further skin damage. If you are hesitant or afraid so contact your doctor for the appropriate treatment.

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