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The Ultimate Guide To Remove Scar After Mole Removal (Updated 2018)

Scars are an inevitable result of removing a mole, they differ in size and visibility depending on the type of the mole you have removed, They also differ based on the type of procedure or surgery you had gone through.

But wait!!

Have you ever suffered scarring after removing a mole?

Don’t worry if your answer was Yes because Removing a mole from any part of the body will surely leave a scar no matter how good your surgeon is, or how well your surgery went.

How to heal your scarring after removing a mole?

Good news!

This article will give you simple solutions that will benefit you in your healing process.

If you are suffering from moles on your face you might want to check the facial mole removal guide. It contains easy tips that can help you treat your facial mole fast.

What are the types of mole scars

The human body reacts differently from one person to another when it is exposed to any surgical cut. tattoo removal, acne scars, burns…

Scar after mole removal

That’s because the type of scars left on people bodies differs in shape, size, and visibility.

The commonly known ones are hypertrophic and keloid scars.

if you do not know what type of scar you have you only need to compare between them based on their growth size.

  • Hypertrophic scar

    A hypertrophic scar means a raised visible scar that replaces a healed wound. It is visible, red, itchy and sometimes painful.

    They usually spread within the borders of the wound and do not go beyond it. They develop due to the excessive production of collagen after a surgical cut (1).

  • Keloid scar

    A keloid scar is a raised red colored growth which develops often after a surgical cutting, stitching… It covers the area of the wound and spreads beyond its borders.

    If you develop a keloid scar you will suffer from itchiness, redness as well as a certain amount of pain from time to time. This type of scars tends to be strongly visible and grows gradually above the skin (2).

Mole removal scar is still red!

If your wound is red for a long period of time it is probably of the way you are treating it.

You might neglect regular treatment or you scratch it or touch it often.

You should not touch it or peel it off but wait for it to fall off naturally.

Sometimes your scar is reacting negatively to the creams you are using for healing probably due to an allergy to one of the ingredient. In this case, you have to stop any treatment that you’re using and consult your doctor to regulate the suitable treatment for you.

Mole removal scar healing time

scar after mole removal on face
Scar after mole removal on the face

If you are wondering how your skin is going back to normal without any scarring you should know the following.

The scar is not going to heal in a short period of time because it goes through different stages of healing.

First, the aftermath of the cut will form an inflammation that is red this lasts for approximately for at least few days.

Not long after that, the tissues start to develop gradually until skin cells heal again in a healthy way. This will take another few weeks.

you can speed up the process of Mole removal scar healing time by using some treatment that we have mentioned some of them in this article so keep reading.

By the end, these scars will fade away.

Generally, the scars can take from few months to few years to heal entirely. Your skin type is the key factor that determines the healing period.

Mole removal scar on face

Removing the moles may keep some scars that will be a source of embarrassment for some people especially if the scar is in an exposed location such as the face.

That’s why,

We’re trying to help by providing all possible solution to remove your facial scars after removing moles, there is some treatment are less effective than others, in fact, it depends on your scars shape, size, and visibility.

Mole Removal Scars – How to Remove Mole Scar

mole removal before and after scar
Mole removal before and after scar

scars are an aftermath that is inevitable after any surgical cut.

So if you have any type of scar you should not be ashamed of or feel self-conscious.


if you have the scar in an exposed part of the body such as the face, do not worry there are several ways on how to treat these scars.

The solutions below are some of the options you may use.

Option 1 – Home remedies for Mole scar removal

Home remedies are one of solution that helps you to remove scars after mole removal but you need to know that it can take more time than other solutions.

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is known to nourish the skin in a very soft gentle way. Thus, using the Aloe Vera gel will allow your scar to hydrate and turn relatively invisible.

    It is important that you consider such an option when your scar is still new and can easily disappear.

    1. Take an aloe Vera gel
    2. Apply it directly on the scar and its borders to prevent any spread of the scar coloring.
    3. Leave it on the scar until it dries on its own.
    4. Repeat the process twice a day until you start noticing the results.
    Note: Aloe Vera gel may take a long period to work on your skin. If you want a faster solution you may want to skip this one.
  • Onion extracts

    Onion is also a great ingredient which helps with the scar coloring due to its antibacterial properties.

    It also helps to prevent the scar from growing Furthermore as it contains collagen regulatory elements.

    It may not be the most effective remedy to help your scar disappear, but it can contribute to making it less visible if you are a very self-conscious person.

    1. Apply onion extract on the scar gently and very carefully.
    2. Leave it on the wound and let your skin absorb it for at least 15 minutes.
    3. Wash it with water very gently.
    4. Covering it with a bandage is recommended in order to make the skin absorb the extract.
    5. Repeat it 3 times a day until you see the results (4).
    Warning: Onion extracts may irritate your skin so you need to apply it strictly on the scar area very gently do not rub it on your skin in a rough manner.
  • Lemon juice

    Lemon for mole removal scars
    Lemon for mole removal scars

    Lemon contains has antioxidant elements which help heal your skin from any irritation or inflammation.

    Basically, all that you have to do is:

    1. Take a slice of fresh lemon or freshly squeezed lemon juice.
    2. Apply it on the skin gently over your scar area carefully.
    3. Leave it for 30 minutes every day then rinse it off with water.
    4. Repeat this for several weeks until you notice the results (5).
    Lemon may cause skin irritation such as stinginess so you may want to apply it gently. If your skin reacts negatively to the lemon acid you need to stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.
  • Honey

    Honey is the best solution for eliminating the scars as well as nourishing and reviving the skin. I used it for many times and I’m very satisfied with results that I got so I advise anyone who wants to remove scars after mole removal to use it even the way of how to use it, it’s very easy and doesn’t take a long time

    1. Clean your skin care in order to get rid of impurities that might hinder the healing process.
    2. Take a teaspoon of honey.
    3. Rub some honey directly on the scarred place using your finger or using a cotton swab.
    4. Cover the area with a bandage in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the remedy.
    5. Follow the same instructions twice a day for few weeks until the colored mole fade apart and eventually fall off.
We shared an overview that talks about moles on the scalp, that covers much information about the issue so do not hesitate to check it out.

Option 2 – Silicone Gel Sheets for Keloid Scars – mole removal scar

Silicone gel sheet
Silicone gel sheet

Most plastic surgeons will recommend such an option for their patients after performing mole removal on them.

These sheets help the keloid to flatten and white by time. It may take a while to heal but the effectiveness of this solution is the higher one among other options.

The proper way to use the sheets is to take a sheet and place it on the keloid scar at all times for at least a month.

Your scar will be hydrated at all times as well as protected from any skin irritation such as itchiness.

The redness of the scar will be reduced as well because of the essences that the silicone contains.

Option 1 – Steroid Injections for mole removal scar

This type of injections works somehow in a similar as silicone sheets.

The difference is that they affect different nerves and skin tissues.

The similarity between them is that they both help minimizing your scar, as well as light up the coloring.

If you are considering such an option you should know that the possibility of the scar coming back or becoming bigger in the future is low.

But you have to know that it’s more exepnsive than using silicone sheets.

Your doctor will inject you with the steroid for with certain doses and concentrations for at least months until results can be noticed. Thus do not give up the treatment ahead of time if you don’t develop skin irritation (6).

Option 4 – Cryotherapy Treatment for Moles Scars

Cryotherapy is another solution that might help your scarring. Using this type of treatment your doctor will inject you with cryogen, which works on freezing your tissues.

The freezing factor will help to kill your damaged skin tissues as well as improving the appearance of your scarring gradually.

Unlike other options, cryotherapy helps to heal your scar without causing any possible hypopigmentations which may ruin your skin, in fact, cryotherapy is the fastest way to remove your scars after mole removal but it’s the most expensive with laser mole removal (7).

Option 5 – Mole Scar Removal Cream

If you by any chance did develop a needle or surgery complex from your mole removal and do not prefer to repeat the experience again, creams are your best option.

Typically creams affect your surface areas as they work on discoloring the visibility of your scar.

Creams are usually prescribed to you by your doctor after removing your mole, typically in order to prevent any inflammation or skin irritation.

These creams help to heal your wound smoothly with less scarring as of possible.

Some creams work on whitening the scar area until it unifies the scar area with your skin color.

Others work on penetrating a certain level of your skin and prevent the scarring from spreading or developing.

I advise you to consult your doctor before using any creams especially if you’re diabetic.

Option 6 – Laser Mole Removal Scar

Clinical or medical lasers of different types are also a good solution to treat scars.

These lasers are proven to be effective by reducing coloring as well as pain.

Elements such as carbon dioxide help the healing process of a scar by gradually minimizing the scar severity. It also helps to regulate the skin cells in order to prevent the reemergence of such scars (8).

Laser treatments may cause more scarring so you need to think carefully before considering their use.

This video explains how does laser scar removal work that will help you to understand the procedure of removing scar by laser

This solution allows the scar area to be completely covered at all times. This prevents the air from affecting the healing process of the original wound.

Before you cover your affected area you need first to apply some kind of healing sheets such as silicone sheets. Such treatment needs to be carefully conducted for several weeks in order to be beneficial (9).

Sometimes treatments may take a long period of time to show results so if your scar does not go immediately or fast do not cut off the treatment because results will start to be noticed gradually not at once. So please do not lose hope or get discouraged.


Mole scars generally need thorough attention in order to prevent any inflammation and skin irritation.

If you take a good care of your wound there is a high possibility that your scar will heal faster and more effectively.

Feel free to leave a comment.

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