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Mole on Scalp: Causes, Meaning, Pictures and Removal- Overview

Moles can occur on any part of the skin including the scalp (head), you should be concerned if you have one.

But, Worrying too much about it, it’s not necessary as it could be benign and not dangerous.

By reading this article you will be able to determine whether your mole is cancerous or not, and the different types of the mole on the scalp including the red, pink, black, raised and flat as well as the removal process.

What is a mole on scalp?

Mole on scalp image

A mole on the scalp is a small dark growth that could be raised or flat.

It is a cell that can cluster and overproduce pigments in your skin.

It is be inherited genetically or formed naturally with age, puberty, pregnancy or sun exposure, which makes them harmless. Otherwise, they could be cancerous and need to be treated as quickly as possible [1].

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Can you get moles on your scalp?

Yes, just like any other part of human body, moles can appear on your scalp regardless of your gender, race or age.

You can quickly detect moles on your head while washing your hair during shower by running your fingers through the scalp you may feel the bumps or the growth.

Beware not to run your fingers through your hair if you have long nails or wearing a sharp or an edgy ring. It may scratch your mole and cause bleeding.

Are moles on scalp dangerous (cancerous)?

Moles are benign on the skin, which means that typically they do not cause any danger to your health.

A normal benign has the same shape and color throughout the spin of your life, does not change its characteristics such as shape, size, and color.

There are times where moles can change but are not necessarily cancerous, so you need to consult a doctor if you have any concerns about it.

But sometimes these moles are cancerous, and they are referred to be “Melanoma,” which is a dangerous type of skin cancer.

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This type tends to be raised and changed by time regarding size, shape, and color, so you need to call your doctor as soon as possible to get treatment[2].

If you have any suspicions concerning your possibility of being cancerous, call your doctor as soon as possible.

Moles on scalp meaning

According to the astrologists, having a mole on the scalp has different meanings and it is up to the gender:

For a man, this could mean that he is going to be very successful in his career. Concerning personality, a man with a mole on the scalp will be so responsible, patient, understanding and social.

While a woman would be passionate, loving, and generous. She is going to meet the love of her life in her early twenties.

But the meaning of mole on the scalp is only the beliefs of some believe in them, but nothing is confirmed.

Types of moles on scalp

Moles develop in different forms under different circumstances and cause various health complications.

All of this it’s up to their size, color, and shape but can be treated 90 % of the time, and 10% of them can be dangerous (skin cancer).

A red mole on scalp

A red mole on scalp
They come in the shape of a red growth, because of the significant amount of blood vessels in that area, and they are harmless, unless if they start to get bigger or painful.

If you get suspicious, you should visit a dermatologist for an examination.

Typically what makes them red is the strong intensity of the blood vessels. They often do not itch, but if there are a lot of blood vessels, they might itch.

If they itch avoid scratching them because the sensitive area will bleed easily.

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This type of moles is widely spread and can be caused by aging or sunlight as well as poor health precautions.

So try to protect it from sunlight and don’t touch it.

In fact, you do not need to worry if it is cancerous. However, if the size of the mole gets above 4 millimeters and starts to be painful check your doctor.

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Pink mole on scalp

Pink mole on scalp

Pink moles have usually raised growths caused by health disorders that affect cell formation and lead to the development of these kinds of the moles.

They are caused by the same causes of red moles, which are: sun, age and sometimes hereditary.

As with any moles, pink moles are harmless in the early twenties.

But when you get them after the twenties, they would be quite suspicious.

In other words,

They might be first stage skin cancer so you need to keep a close eye on them and monitor them for any suspicious change.

skin cancer can be cured If it discovers in the early stage so don’t worry and try to contact your doctor soon for a consultation.

Do not try to remove them on your own because your doctor needs to examine them for cancer signs.

Black mole on scalp

Black mole on scalpThis type of moles has more tendency to be cancerous. So we made a list of most known symptoms which you have to visit a doctor if you ever notice them:

  • If you have a dark mole especially a dark raised one you should have it checked by a dermatologist to determine if it is melanoma or not.
  • If it changes its borders, size and starts to get bigger very fast, you must act immediately.
  • Avoid doing your hair often in order not to cause bleeding.

The bleeding will lead to inflammation that will complicate your skin condition. Avoid using a broken hairbrush, do not scratch your scalp with long fingers or try picking the mole when it annoys you.

Check the black mole for any size change and visit your doctor for a checkup or biopsy test as soon as you can.

Please  pay extra attention towards black mole because the majority of times they are the cancerous ones

Raised mole on scalp

Raised Mole on scalp image

Raised moles are the most annoying type of moles. You sure know that if you have a raised mole. They tend to be uncomfortable and itchy.

If you are a female, in particular, you are probably sick and tired of irritation every time you brush your hair or run your fingers across it. If you have thin hair or the mole is visible you might want to remove it in order to feel more self-conscious.

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Please hold your urge of scratching or touching the raised mole in order not to make them worse.

Itchy mole on scalp

This type is such a pain the more you scratch, the more they itch it is annoying I feel you.

Any mole tends to be itchy due to different reasons such as irritation.

Do not to scratch it by any means especially if it is raised because you may cause severe bleeding that lasts for hours sometimes.

Keep in mind that bleeding may lead to inflammation and skin infection and so on, so you need the help of a professional for treatment.

The majority of the time your dermatologist will suggest some irritation cream or something like that.

Flat mole on scalp

If you have a flat mole on your scalp and it is not dangerous, you should be very thankful and pat yourself on the back.

A flat mole is not inconvenient, and you do not have to be worried about it affecting your appearance.

If your flat mole is flat you do not have to remove it. All that you need to do is style your hair and you are good to go. let me warn you that flat moles are usually harmless until your attempt to remove them.

So if they are invisible leave them to avoid any future skin complications such as rash or even skin cancer.

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Causes of moles on the scalp

Since your scalp is exposed to the sun, if you have thin hair it is possible to develop a mole there.

Hereditary reasons can also be the causes of your moles on the scalp. If one of your family members tends to develop moles, you can get that same thing from them.

On the other hand, your mole can be caused by your hormones if you have a certain disease, unhealthy diet or imbalance in your hormonal level.

However, the mole on the scalp can be caused also by some uncommon causes are:

  • Tanning

    Having fair skin is an already a risk of developing moles. So if you are a regular tanner either lying on the beach under the sun or in a tanning salon inside a tanning bed. You need to cut down on your visits to the tanning booth.

    The rays from the tanning beds affect your skin the same way sun lights do. Your skin cells are programmed to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays. So in order to protect the inside layers of your skin, these cells tend to produce extra melanin.

    You need to extra protect your skin because the sunlight is the most common factor of skin cancer[3].

    As a prevention do not stay under the sun for too long, wear long sleeve clothes and apply sunscreen in order to protect your skin. make sure that you do not go to the tanning salon more often make your visit periods long.
  • Fair skin 

    The type of your skin may also be the reason behind your moles. Fair-skinned people face more risks of developing moles than dark skinned ones.

    This does not mean that black people do not develop moles because they do but not as often as people with fair skin.

    This is actually due to the amount of pigment this type of skin produces. A fair skin is likely to suffer from the negative consequences of sun exposure than darker skin this is why it is often more recurrent with fair people.

  • Chemicals

    There are some creams or medications which cause your skin to irritate or develop a negative allergy.

    These chemicals either contain a higher concentration of some dangerous elements causing your skin cells to overprotect, thus, creating clustering that leads to the appearance of moles.

    Chemicals might sometimes be a contributor in creating moles.

    Before taking medications or applying any creams, you need to make sure to check if you have any allergies to their ingredients.
  • Trauma

    Sometimes razor burns or unintentional cuts which take a long period to heal may cause a common mole.

    These cuts may cause irritations and inflammations which develop into blood clusters and consequently to a disorder in skin tissues.

    Do not shock your skin suddenly with rough shaving because it may cause your skin to become crusty and bumpy and possibly lead to some kind of rash or even severe cut that can cause the mole.

Mole removal using home remedies

In case that you have a mole on your head so I don’t advice you to try any home remedies to remove it because some ingredient can cause you a serious problem especially on your head (sensitive area)  so try to contact your doctor for consultation and if you would know the removing process used by doctors you have just to read the next paragraph.

don’t forget to protect your mole from sunlight.

Mole on scalp Removal and Treatment

The removing process of your move is surgical since most of the moles located on the scalp are raised. But have no fear because it is rather simple procedure conducted by either a professional dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

The suitable procedure for your mole is decided based on the size of your mole. Also the level of danger it poses to your health.

Sometimes a simple cut may take care of it and other times a deep excision is necessary in order to get rid of it completely.

Both procedures are done after applying local anesthesia. Before you take such decision you have to ask yourself is it worth it or not to remove the mole.

Most dermatologists will advise to remove it for medical reasons only. Leave it in order to avoid any future infection or side effect.

if you are still hesitant to go under the knife I will explain the whole process to you in the next paragraph

How will the doctor remove your mole

mole on scalp removal procedureThe doctor would first sanitize the area in order to avoid inflammation.

After that, he will numb the area by applying local anesthesia. He will make a cut in order to remove the mole; do not worry if you start bleeding because it is natural.

The doctor will use some ointment to stop the bleeding. The procedure may take from ten to fifteen minutes in which the doctor will cover it with a bandage.

For the recovery process, you must not apply any type of cosmetic creams such as makeup if you are a woman.
You must cover the wound and treat it with the list of creams and ointments the doctor prescribed for you.

Do not worry if you slightly bleed or start noticing a crusty surface, because that means your wound is healing.

To make things more clear I added a video that shows you how mole on the scalp can be removed by the dermatologist

Mole on scalp removal cost

The cost may vary from a doctor to another based on the size and location of your mole. But it should not go beyond 200 USD per a mole.

Do not expose your wound to the sun until it is completely healed. The doctors will allow you to take off the bandage when appropriate. It usually takes a couple of weeks in order to completely heal with no scars.


Moles are the same on any part of the body they may develop in any shape either flat or raised. Neglecting their nature or taking their seriousness for granted might lead to severe health problems.

The mole might be cancerous that is why you need to keep an eye on their growth in order to avoid complications later. There is nothing more important than your well-being. So please be aware and educate yourself about such topic. Because sometimes the simplest things might be the most fatal.

I hope the article was helpful and wish you a good luck with your moles. Don’t forget to get a professional help and share this article.

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