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White patches on face: Causes, Treatment and Remedies [Detailed Guide]

Many people suffer from skin growths and breakouts from time to time which causes them discomfort. These breakouts differ in shape, cause, treatment. Therefore this article will be devoted to talking about white patches which appear on your face and you do not know how to deal with it.

If you have concerns or fears about this condition and want more information about it, just follow the article below.

What are white patches on the face?

white patches on face

They are a skin condition that can appear to many people regardless of their race, age, ethnicity, or color. It usually happens under the skin layers due to lack of pigmentation. It appears on the surface of the skin in the shape of white patches different from the original skin color.

The majority of times it is caused by a lot of factors which differ from one person to another. It hinders the production of pigments in the skin as well as the functionality of the immune system.

White patches usually appear on the face and sometimes spreads to several body parts. This condition is harmless and painless sometimes heal and other times does not depend on the person [1].

What causes white patches on the face?

Human skin is very sensitive and gets triggered by any inner or outside element. Same with white patches on face, they are a reaction to some skin trigger and there can be many triggers that cause such condition. The below causes are the main ones.

  • Sunlight/ tanning

    Sunlight is a major contributor to skin damage. The rays of the sun cause the skin to react negatively and start to break out resulting in burns, blisters, and even white patches on face.

    The UV causes the skin cells to dry out, contributing to the appearance of white patches. On top of all that it fastens aging and may even cause skin cancer. Staying under the sunlight and tanning salons for long periods leading to the discoloration. Furthermore, it contributes to the uneven spread of the white color within the skin resulting in light patches [2].

  • Pregnancy

    First of all, women suffer from hormonal disorder during their pregnancy period.

    Second, the patches start to appear. After that, they heal and gradually fade away due to the regulations of body hormones. However that does not mean they go away for good, but they might appear again at some point in life. They are again harmless and do not cause any risk to your health and will go away once again after a while [3].

  • Tinea Versicolor

    This type of fungus infection is a reason which makes white patches appear and spread on your skin. It functions within your system to prevent the pigmentation process to be properly carried out.

    Usually, the categories which can be affected by it are teenagers and adults in their early years [4].

  • Family history

    Your condition is may be caused due to hereditary reasons. In other words, there are family members who have or had the same condition, you are probably at risk of inheriting it from them. Since family members share almost same genes you are expected to suffer from white patches at least once in your life. This does not mean you will have it with the same intensity or in the same spots as your previous family members [5].

There are common reasons which we do not notice as we often suffer from without paying much attention to.

These reasons can be summed up with stress, lack of health care such as hard diets, over exercising, as well as a lack of hygiene. So they may seem minor and harmless but they have a huge effect on the skin, by hindering some body functions such as cell formation, lack of blood circulations and other problems.

When to see a doctor?

Almost all the time white patches are harmless and do not cause any health danger except self-consciousness about outer appearance. There are times where do not heal and refuses to go away simply because of improper care of the skin. You should consult with a dermatologist if you want the right treatment or want to get rid of it faster.

Most of all the patches must be white, not pink. The reason behind that is white patches indicates a lack of pigmentation in the skin, while pink ones may lead to very dangerous health risks.

How to Get Rid of White Patches on Face – Home Remedies

This type of treatments is advised when you have a minor skin condition which can be healed at home. The home remedies involve natural ingredients which are available to all people easily.

Moreover, these remedies do not have the perfect or complete healing elements, they can help relieve some symptoms. That is why you need to consult a doctor for proper treatment if necessary.

  • Ginger

    Ginger helps you relief you white patches because it improves your blood circulation. Good blood circulation leads to a clear skin which is free of bacterial elements which cause white patches.

    1. Cut off a piece of ginger
    2.  Rub it on the infected area gently for a minute
    3.  Let it dry for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water
    4. Repeat this daily for better results


    Do not apply a lot of pressure while rubbing the ginger against your skin, because it causes irritation.
  • Honey

    Honey is one of the best remedies for skin conditions thanks to its antibacterial properties. It helps you heal your white patches by eliminating the bacteria causing it.

    1. Cleanse your face properly
    2. Take a cotton sway and apply the honey on the white patch
    3. Let the skin absorb it for 20 minutes
    4. Rinse it off with water
    5. Repeat it twice a way for good results.
  • Copper

    Copper is a great option for people who want to heal white patches. It is very effective in reducing white patches on your skin by helping the production of melanin in your system.

    1. Take some water into the copper vessel
    2. Leave it overnight
    3. Drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach


    Do not heat the water or put it in the fridge, you need to drink it as it is.
  • Neem

    Neem is said to have healing properties which can treat several health conditions. For white patches, it helps to prevent them, by regaining the skin color to normal.

    1. Take neem leaves and mix it with honey
    2. Take a gentle brush and apply the mix directly on the white patches
    3. Leave it to dry out for 15 minutes and rinse with water
    4. Repeat the process daily for better results.
  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is one of the most important ingredients that nourish the skin, hydrates it, as well as repair it. It comes with a lot of shapes, leaves, creams, tubs, shampoos, conditioners…
    Take an aloe Vera extract

    1. Apply it directly to the white patch
    2.  Leave the extract until it dries out on its own
    3.  Repeat it throughout the day for good results.
  • Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient known for its acid element. This remedy helps to prevent the spread of fungus which is a cause of white patches. The acid element kills the fungus without damaging the skin.
    All that you need to do I apply a directly small amount of the apple cider vinegar on the area and leave it to dry out. Applying this treatment regularly will help eradicate the fungus, and even out the skin color.

  • Cabbage

    This ingredient help people suffering from white patches, by minimizing the visibility of such patches and prevents their reappearance.

    1. Squeeze out the cabbage juice
    2. Apply it directly over the white patches
    3. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it off
    4. Repeat the process daily for better results.


    Do not rub the cabbage juice but put it on the white patches with a piece of cotton.
  • Turmeric

    Turmeric is a great element which functions as skin reviver and nutrition. It also helps skin infections and irritation via the antibacterial elements which can minimize the occurrence of white patches.

    1. Take a small amount of turmeric powder and mix it with water
    2.  Apply the paste directly on the white patches
    3.  Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it off
    4. Repeat the process twice a day for good results.
  • Coconut oil

    What this ingredient does is basically help the inflammation caused to the skin caused by different reasons. It also has antibacterial elements which prevent the spread of bacteria and boosts the pigments produced in the skin.

    1. Take a small amount of coconut oil extract
    2. Apply it directly over the white patches
    3.  Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it with water
    4. Repeat the process twice a day for good results.
  • Vitamin C

    This vitamin has a lot of benefit to your health as well as your skin. A lot of times white patches appear due to lack of immunity. The consumption of vitamin C helps your immune system to build and function effectively. This prevents the appearance of white patches, so consume food, fruit, and juice with vitamin C as much as you can to prevent white patches [6].

  • Olive Oil

    The most common ingredient found in every household around the world. it helps nourish your skin cells and contributes to the creation of a glowing and radiant skin. the elements in the oil help to keep your skin hydrated and dirt free. the essence of the olive oil also helps prevent skin coloration and hence prevent white patches.

    1. Heat up olive oil for few seconds
    2. Rub it gently on your hand and massage the white patches with it
    3. Massage the area gently for few minutes
    4. Leave it overnight for the skin to absorb
    5. Take a shower in the morning to get rid of excess oil
    6. Repeat the process every night before bed for good results


    Do not heat the oil to a burning degree just make sure it’s a little warm and can be touched.
  • Exfoliation

    Cleansing the skin is the perfect solution for a good radiant and clear skin. There are no shortcuts to achieve a glowing skin without taking care of it. That is why exfoliation your skin to get rid of dead skin is very important. Your skin routine should include exfoliation using any type of exfoliation products. What you should be careful of is buying exfoliator which is gentle on your skin which does not cause any damage or irritation. If you want a proper care of your skin to consult your dermatologist for a proper skin care routine and products based on your skin type.

    washing your face once in the morning is not enough to keep it clean you have to wash it again before you go to bed in order to clean it from all dirt and germs you might be caught during your day.
  • Sunscreen

    Sun rays have a lot to do with the creation of white patches. Hence you need to minimize your exposure to the sun as much as you can.

    Staying under the sunlight for long period can damage your skin a lot to cause blisters and burns. Yet if you have no other choice apply sunscreen at all times. Your sunscreen needs to contain SPF of 30 and more in order to protect your skin from strong UV rays.

    Do not go to tanning salons often because they have the same effect on your skin as the sun and sometimes worst.

Medical Treatment for White Patches on Face

Sometimes you can’t rely on conventional methods and you decide to consult a dermatologist. Remedies and creams are not a permanent treatment that can help your patches for good. Dermatologists inform patients first that there is no actual cure for the condition. Yet, they can try other options using different options.

  • Creams

    Since there is no specific cure for white patches yet, a lot of people ask for alternative options. Get rid of White patches on faceDoctors seek to enhance the skin rather than cure it. They prescribe different types of creams and cosmetics which can help repair the balance of your skin color. These creams are made specifically to enhance the appearance of those patches not to cure them. The creams can be used on specific part of the body or different parts according to the area they appear on. The doctor diagnosis can be made immediately during the examination. So feel free to ask any question you are concerned about.

  • UV rays

    White patches normally appear when your skin loses pigmentation in some areas of the skin. So dermatologists try to repair your skin either by re-pigmenting your skin to get back to normal color. Sometimes they do the opposite and make the normal color go white in order to match the white patches color for an even skin color.

How to Prevent White Patches on Face

      • Apply sunscreen all the time to protect your skin
      • Do not stay long under the sun
      • Do not use skin products that contain high doses of ingredients
      • Avoid the use of chemicals on your skin
      • Minimize your consumption of junk food
      • Avoid tanning salons


In order to maintain clear skin free white patches, you must take care of it. Hence you need to have a good hygiene level, as well as a good diet. On another hand, do not worry they are not harmful so you do not have to worry about risky diseases. All that you need to do is consult with your doctor for appropriate treatment and prevention measures you have to take. All the best with your healing process.

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  1. I don’t have vitiligo problem when I concernerd the doctor he preferred me luliconazole cream 1% but there is slight discoloration on my face on the affected area which looks likes white patches may be p alba the cream suggested by the doctor didn’t work and the patches has be spread on the forehead please help me to get rid of this

  2. I am suffering with white patches on my face it spreads over more than 80% on my face , but by gods grace my skin tone was white so, it doesn’t appear very much but it will apear when anyone see closely .. what can i do for it ?


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