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Whiteheads on Lips, Upper Lip and Lower Lip – How to Get Rid & Causes

You suffer from Whiteheads on your Lips and want to get rid of it?

Whiteheads are a very common skin infection which affects a large number of people.

The article below will explain to you in details how you can properly recognize a whitehead and solutions to get rid of it.

Read the article carefully in order to fully understand the nature of such a skin condition.

What is a whitehead on lips (Fordyce)?

Whiteheads on Lips line

The term refers to the yellow/white bumps that appear around the lips area. However other times on genital areas for both men and women.

This type of growths is harmless, does not cause any kind of pain or itchiness. It also does not cause a further severe infection of the skin.

The cause of Fordyce is the expansion of the oil glands, in a certain area either individually or clustered together. People with oily skin have a high rate of developing Fordyce spots especially men [1].

What Causes whitehead on lips?

As with any other skin condition, Fordyce is caused by a lot of factors depending on each person and his/her lifestyle and skin type.

The most common reasons of Fordyce are listed down below:

  • Bad hygiene

    Skincare routine is an essential element for a healthy vibrant skin condition. You must make sure that you clean your face very often and consistently using one good daily routine.

    Do not neglect body hygiene because it leads to the creation of whiteheads, and clogged pores. You also need to use a gentle routine which does not damage your skin.

  • Herpes and cold sores

    A very spread virus among adult individuals. Such virus can be transmitted via sexual intercourse, kissing or kitchen tools such as spoons.

    The most common way of transmitting this virus is saliva during kissing. Typically this virus results in the formation of pimples either on genital areas or most often cold sores on the lips area.

    Do not confuse it with other skin infections that may appear on your lips. If you must confirm if you have it or not you must contact your doctor for a consultation.

  • Acne

    Acne prone skin will probably result in the appearance of numerous whiteheads generally on the face and specifically on the lips.

    It is mainly because of hormones and skin type and with proper treatment and skin care routine they heal after a while.

    All you need to do is consult with a dermatologist about the suitable products for your skin type.

  • Chemical products

    Not every product is suitable for your skin. So if you saw a product online or saw people’s review on it make sure it won’t cause your skin to breakout or possible side effects and skin damage due to it.

    Some products may be of a low quality and may damage your skin instead of helping it.

    The only safe decision about which product is good for you is the ones prescribed by your dermatologist. He is the only one who can give you a professional diagnosis of your skin and can select what can help it.

    Do not use a lot of products on your face or else you will risk side effects such as the appearance of the noticeable number of whiteheads and pimples across your face especially sensitive areas such as lips and around the mouth [2].

  • Oily skin

    Fordyce is prominent with people who have oily skin more than any other type of skin. Typically Fordyce is present since birth but only starts to appear during teenage years and onwards. This is much due to the hormonal changes that occur inside the body.

    People with oily skin tend to get affected more of such skin conditions caused to the high level of oils on their skin. That is why doctors advise their patients to cut off the consumption of oil products and food.

  • Waxing

    Waxing can cause whiteheads in two possible ways.

    The first one is using the wrong hair removal technique that can be a bit harsh on the skin.

    The other way is the pores which get clogged possibly due to the oily skin or poor quality of the hair removal tool

    That is why you must be very gentle while removing hair from the mouth area such as mustache hair.

  • Stress

    People tend to underestimate the impact of stress on the general health of a human being. Stress can have a huge toll on the mental health of the majority of people.

    Skin is no exception, as skin tends to break when someone is under stress or depression. Hence try to relieve your stress or if you cannot avoid it try to apply facial masks regularly to keep your skin nourished and refreshed [3].

  • Hormones

    Hormones have a major role in the appearance of the whiteheads around the lips. Since the hormonal changes cause a lot of imbalance of skin properties, especially those who are responsible for getting rid of oils in the skin and other complex operations in the inner layers of the skin.

    Such imbalance ends up of appearing as pimples and whiteheads on the face especially around the lips and other parts of the body such as the back. Such whiteheads are curable so do not worry about any complex infections that might happen due to such changes [4].

Whiteheads area

A lot of people wonder about the possible places where whiteheads might appear on their body. if you are a man you might end up developing whiteheads on your genital area.

However, if you are a woman you develop whiteheads on the lips area either on the outside or the inside surface.

  •  Whiteheads on upper lips

    Generally, whiteheads on the lips tend to appear more on people who suffer from acne problem. The result of whiteheads on the lips, in this case, is the spread of acne on the face area.

    Most people with prone acne condition experience a large spread of acne for long periods of times and may or may not use conventional ways in a try to treat it, but they end up making it worse.

  • Whiteheads on the lower lip

    Whiteheads on the lower lip area are either caused by acne or sometimes irritation. The second possibility means that a certain amount of people tend to bite or peeling off their lips using their teeth often either out of stress or out of an old habit.

    If you have such habit refrain from doing it because it only leads to further irritation that may cause whiteheads or even be bleeding.

  • Whiteheads inside mouth

    Same as whiteheads on the lips, the ones inside the mouth may possibly appear due to acne condition, self-biting, and even food irritation at other times such as hot or spicy food while having a small cut inside your mouth.

    You must be careful of how to eat if you have any cuts inside your mouth or have chapped lips due to biting.

How to treat whiteheads on lips

I know you that want to get rid of the whiteheads you have as soon as possible.

well, that is a rather simple thing to do depending on the severity of your whiteheads.

All you need to do is:

Take a look at the solutions down below and follow them on a daily basis for good results. If these options did not help just call your doctor and he will give you the treatment you need.

Home remedies to get rid of whiteheads on lips

There are few measures you must take in order to heal or prevent the development of whiteheads on your lips. Some of the below solutions has proven efficiency on a lot of people. they might be of a great help to your case as well.

  • Exfoliation

    People around the world use exfoliation to clear the skin.

    Exfoliating helps you get rid of the dirt on your skin, exfoliating regularly ensure a clear skin and unclogs the pores in order to avoid clusters that lead to the appearance of whiteheads. Make sure to always exfoliate especially ahead of removing hair [5].

  • Good hygiene/ skin routine

    Always clean your skin on regular basis. Skin layers renovate on a regular basis and result in dead skin that you need to exfoliate in order to get rid of it and prevent it from clogging your skin.

    Use a daily skin routine once when you wake up and again when you are about to go to bed.

    If you have oily skin you need a routine to get rid of the oils, but if you have to dry sensitive skin you need a nourishing routine. You must search for what skin products that can suit your skin type better before using them.

  • Good diet

    Maintain a healthy diet one which contains a lot of nourishment and vitamins. Choosing your food properly will prevent the creation of pimples and whiteheads.

    Avoid greasy and oily food, junk food and even spicy ones. Drink a lot of water to revive your skin and eat various vegetables and fruits.

  • Honey

    Though out history, Honey has been known for its healing benefits on skin problems, it can effectively exert bactericidal effects on different strains of bacteria. Its low pH will make the area where it’s applied unsuitable for the bacteria to grow and develop, that helps to dry out your whitehead on your lips.
    You can put some honey on your lips and let it be, try to repeat the process 3 times per day and notice the difference.

  • Lemon

    Lemon is a good ingredient that helps your skin to keep a good pH level. Helps kill the bacteria which makes whiteheads inflame and spread.

    You can use it as a mask with egg whites, or as an exfoliation scrub mixed with honey. It is a conventional method but very effective as you can include it in your daily skin routine.

  • Creams

    The most common creams that can help heal your whiteheads are the ones who can fight infection and get rid of dead skin as well as clogged pores.

    It also helps to minimize the irritation, itchiness or any inflammation caused by the whiteheads. Your doctors may give you additional pills as antibiotics for any potential inflammation.

    Your doctor will help you decide which products are most suitable for your case, he will probably give you acne medication.

    Make sure to consult your dermatologist before using any product.

Can I pop a whitehead on lips?

Doctors warn their patients of popping whiteheads due to two main reasons.

The first one is the potential spread of the bacteria to other areas.

The second reason is instead of getting read of it you might end up causing a bigger inflammation that might be painful and very difficult to heal.

Whitehead on lips Prevention

  • Keep your face clean and gently exfoliated especially the lips.
  • Clean your face and tone it very well after removing your makeup.
  • Always keep your lips moisturized.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Do not irritate the whiteheads or pop them.


Whiteheads are harmless any anyone can develop them. Do not worry much about their severity because eventually, they go away. Just make sure to always take care of your skin in order to prevent them from appearing again.

Do not try extreme measures to heal them quickly or else you will damage your skin. If it is casual just make sure to keep a good hygiene level, and if they are prone whiteheads visit your doctor for permanent treatment.

Do not experiment with any product on your skin it is not worth the try.


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